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Welcome to PLAYGROUND MATS UK, the top selling and most unique rubber playground mat seller in whole United Kingdom. We ensure the quality of our playground products and claim that you cannot find this anywhere else. These mats are designed for the purpose to be easy to install and for self installation as well. They will prove economic as they will save the expenses on installation and on the extra cleaning expenses as well. They are easy to clean and sweep so the extra cleaner expenses is also reduced. These mats will provide you with the surety that your kids are safe and sound when they are playing on these mats. With the unique sound absorbing quality these rubber grass Mats will also reduce the noise you people hear when your kids are playing. They are best to be used in indoor and in outdoor play areas and play grounds as well.

Playground Safety Tiles

There is a range of Playground Safety Tiles to choose from, our playground rubber tiles will make your life easy. As the kids will know their boundaries and their limitations, they will not bring any dirt and they will not cross the limit of the play area as well. With the Classico interlocking tiles you and your kids will love to install them, you will have a lot of help from the kids and they will have an extra activity as well. Interlocking playground safety mats is an excellent choice for those who have a large area to cover and want to do it in a safe environment. These Playground Safety Tiles are shock absorbing hence the kids will not get hurt often and they will safe as well. Define the boundaries with the meshes and enjoy your day without being worried about them. Playground tiles are for those who are tired of the expenses they have just paid for the expensive rides. These products are not only economical but also safe and attractive as well. They are easy to walk on and the stress is reduced largely. There is no need to maintain them via anything different they are self maintained and they ensure the durability as well. 

If you have any questions or inquries about playground mats or playground safety tiles, feel free to call our United Kingdom help line +44-01744-520-110 or email us at We are located in Manchester Road, Burnley, Lancashire United Kingdom.

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